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Tips to Beautiful Bust

Category: Lingerie tips March 31st, 2011
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Tips to Beautiful Bust

We not only need to know about lingerie care but we also have to know how to keep beautiful the things that are underneath. Soft and smooth skin is important but what’s more important is the decollete area. In order to keep your bust and decollete beautiful follow these simple tips.

There are many methods to keeping your bust beautiful and cleavage sexy. The first and foremost is hydration, hydration, hydration. Like to sunbathe? SPF protection with moisturizing properties and hydration after sunbathing. It’s that simple. Sun exposure ages our skin very fast and since the decollete area is very sensitive and thin you have to make sure you moisturize and keep it hydrated after regular and sun baths.

The Kush Bra

Tips to Beautiful Bust

The Kush thing is another method in keeping your cleavage from creasing and preventing crinkles and wrinkles especially if you are over C-cup. This little tube is placed between the breasts for the night to prevent skin from creasing. However, it will not make the existing lines go away.

La Decollete Bra

Tips to Beautiful Bust

Another specifically designed bra to be worn at night. Cupless thing is made to flatten the skin on your chest and prevent it from creasing. Does not make the existing crinkles fade away.

Moisturizer and Masks

Tips to Beautiful Bust

We’ve talked about the importance of hydration. Choose creams and lotions specially design for sensitive decollete area skin. Moisturize skin after each bath and shower to keep the skin hydrated. To nourish and hydrate the decollete skin make apply special masks.


Tips to Beautiful Bust

Hydro-massage is great and effective in tightening the decollete skin. 10 minutes of cool hydro-massage clockwise at axillary crease and under the bust will do. Do not use massage if you have any bust-related illnesses.

Right-Size Bra

Tips to Beautiful Bust

You know how important that is. Get fitted every 6 months and you won’t have problems with stinging straps, restraining bands and of course cleavage creases. Do not wear push up bras on regular bases as they are not only restrictive which slows the blood flow they also push your breasts into each other and can cause skin creasing.


Tips to Beautiful Bust

The easiest exercise for beautiful bust is push ups. They also make your arms tighter and slimmer. Light weights can also help in tightening muscles and skin.

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