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Tips on reducing large breasts without a surgery

Category: Lingerie tips August 16th, 2010
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Tips on reducing large breasts without a surgery

Large breasts is an embodiment of fertility, femininity and sex appeal. Many women dream of bigger breasts, but there are also those who are burdened with large breasts. Sometimes a woman’s body structure is not built to take the wieght of the large breasts. Other times a woman wishes that her bust is given too much unnecessary attention and there are simply times when a woman needs to reduce her large breasts. Surgery can be very costly and has its special risks. Our tips on reducing large breasts without a surgery will help those who want to hide and de-emphasize their bust.

Bra A good-quality bra with added support is really important for women with large breasts.  Especially if you are doing sports you have to wear super-supportive sport bra to avoid pains and broken capillaries. Consider bras made of Spandex and Lycra as theese fabrics stretch and can flatten your breasts.

Minimizer bra is specifically designed for women with large breasts and can reduce your bust quite well without a surgery. With minimizer bra your can reduce your breasts to one or two sizes. Although be careful with wearing this bra everyday as it is pretty constrictive. Full-support and balcony bras cover the whole of the breasts and provide excellent support.

Concerning bra straps, do not choose bras with thin spaghetti straps as they contrast with your shoulders and breasts making them look even bigger. Besides wide straps add to the breasts support.

Lingerie Choose underwired lingerie. Babydolls with built-in bras and corsets provide good support to the large breasts. Under bust corset does not provide any support but tightening your ribcage it can reduce your large breasts. Longline bra is also a good and sexy option for reducing large breasts as it doesn’t let the bra ride up in the back and provides a good support in the front. Longline bra also helps maintain better posture.

Avoid bras and lingerie with ruffles and frills at the bust line, also avoid pockets and any adronments as they draw attention to your bust and visually enhances it. Choose simple tops that elongate your torso. Stay away from too tight styled tops as they also emphasize your breast size.

Posture is very important not only for good health but also helps avoid backaches.

Neckline Use V Necks to minimize, avoid round necks as they emphasize. Use jewelery – wear it high though – and accessories such as scarves to draw attention to the face rather than breasts. Interesting wear at the lower parts of your body also draws attention away from the breasts.

Show some cleavage between the fabric as it surprisingly will reduce large breasts.

Color Dark colors minimize, light colors emphasize. Solid dark colors reduce large breasts while prints, stripes and patterns attract attention to the breasts.

If you are plum losing some weight might also be helpful in reducing your large breasts without a surgery.


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