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Tips on leather lingerie care

Category: Lingerie tips September 10th, 2010
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Tips on leather lingerie care
Leather is a sexy fabric. Leather lingerie is even more sexy. Leather corsets or lingerie sets need special care as they can be pretty costly. So to make them serve you for a long time follow our tips on leather lingerie care, which you can also apply for the rest of your leather clothing.

Protecting. To avoid stiff or cracked leather use special protectors and apply them only to dry leather. Choose those carefully as greasy protectors impact leather adversely.
Protect leather lingerie from moisture such as sweat, urine, or blood. It is always a good idea to seek professional leather cleaning if you don’t know or not sure how to clean it.

Also protect leather lingerie from sun, heat and grease.

Cleaning. Long contact with moisture can make leather stiff. So before starting the cleaning, test cleaner on a small spot of the garment, if several minutes later you don’t notice any discoloration you can clean the whole garment safely.

Laundry detergents are too harsh for leather, so never use them for cleaning your leather lingerie. Use products that help preserve leather’s natural oils.

Mild soap or baby shampoo are great for cleaning any oil stains. Do not use any products that leave any residue on leather, cause it may destroy it. After cleaning your leather lingerie use a damp cloth to get rid of cleaner residue, especially at the stitching area. Any residue can cause leather to stiffen.

Do not twist or wring leather lingerie as it may wrinkle. Dry flat on a towel.

Do NOT dry your leather lingerie in front of the heater. It can cause it stiffen. Let you leather lingerie air dry at the room temperature. Keep leather away from direct sunlight. Stuff your leather lingerie while it’s drying to make sure it retains shape.

Nubuck cloth is great when it comes to leather lingerie care.

Conditioning. Use special conditioning to preserve leather lingerie. Conditioner will help leather retain its oils. Apply with a soft cloth only to the smooth side of the item. Make sure there is no conditioner residue left on leather.

Do not use heavy, greasy conditioners. Also avoid conditioners that contain petroleum or mineral oils as these can destroy leather.

Condition your leather lingerie several times a season and more if it’s exposed to sun and moisture. To return flexibility to the dampened leather lingerie apply some conditioner just before the garment dries completely.


Store your leather lingerie in cool, dry places. Do not throw your leather lingerie into plastic bags or cover with nonporous materials. Use cotton sheets to cover leather as they are breathable. Avoid metallic hangers for storing your leather garments.


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