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Tips on how to wear shoes with lingerie

Category: Lingerie tips August 23rd, 2010
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Tips on how to wear shoes with lingerie

Someone wrote that no one wears or should wear lingerie with flats. Well, that’s a good thought because even if you don’t usually wear heels you’ll need a pair of black classic stilettos to make your lingerie outfit look even sexier. Besides your legs dressed in stockings and a pair of heels can make you look slimmer, taller, elongate your legs. As a result you will spice up your night and surprise your man with a new unusual look. However, in order to make this right read our tips on wearing shoes with lingerie.

So the first unwritten rule is to wear heels or nothing at all. In heels you will look sexier and taller, barefoot look will add some innocence feel.

Open toe shoes mean no stockings on, because together they look bad. Peep toe shoes are worn by the same rule, though if the shoes show only one toe then they might work with the stockings. Shoes and stockings should desirably be  of the same color.

Classic shoes. Black, white, leather – all classic shoes or heel-strap sandals will complete your outfit. Choose the right color, if your lingerie is shiny you may wear patent-leather shoes that match your lingerie color. If your lingerie is of solid color then opt for solid color in your shoes.

Creative shoes. You may experiment in your bedroom not only with your stockings color or pattern but also with your shoes. Just be sure they match and not overwhelm the whole outfit. You may opt for lace shoes or some fancy heels or even high thigh boots as long as they match your whole look. Try something new, something that you wouldn’t wear in your everyday life because it’s too extravagant or fanciful and you will find that it’s fun and sexy.

The height of the heels depends on you, however choose the heels that are comfortable and wearable. If you can’t walk on the heels try practicing a bit before wearing them for your special night, otherwise you may look awkward and even fall.

While high-heels and high thigh boot shoes look best with a lingerie set paired with a garter belt, low heel slip on shoes will work best with peignoir, slip, chemise or a babydoll. Basques and corsets look great when worn with high-heel shoes. Camisoles look great without stockings and when you are barefoot. You can break these ‘rules’ in favor to your liking because it is important that you feel comfortable and confident in your lingerie on your special night.

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