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Tips on choosing and wearing robe

Category: Lingerie tips October 7th, 2010
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Tips on choosing and wearing robe

Robes are tricky apparel. It can be very comfy and soft but at the same time not very sexy. Or it can still be quite pleasant to the touch, comfy and revealing. There are different styles and purposes of robes so you still can get both comfort and sex appeal. Read our tips on how choosing and wearing robe. Bathing robes are for shower. So take a look at some wraps that can really boost your partner’s interest.

Robes can be long as to cover your ankles, short ending just below your panties or babydoll, above the knee length is a mid choice for those who want to stay a bit modest, a bit naughty. There are lace robes, mesh robes, satin robes, any kinds of robes that are just perfect for hiding something racy underneath them and for dramatic taking-off-act. Now let’s get to each wrap’s style in detail.

Classic Robe. A classic robe is a long attire of soft fabric with long sleeves. It provides full coverage and is perfect for hiding your sexy pajama. If you want to surprise your partner with something sexy it is also a perfect way to do so.

Tips on choosing and wearing robe

Kimono wrap. Kimono wraps are mostly knee or above-knee length with long wide draping sleeves. As the name implies these robes resemble kimonos.

Tips on choosing and wearing robe

Classic dressing gown. Dressing gowns are the same as robes, they are long and concealing.

Tips on choosing a robe

Tips on choosing and wearing robe

If you want something both comfy and sexy you can choose lace back robe. It will reveal your sexy back and upper part of the butt. Silk and satin robes look luxurious especially when trimmed and detailed with lace, while cotton robes are comfy and breathing. When you’ve figured out the purpose of your robe you can start looking at designs. If you want a sexy robe opt for something with lace and see-through fabrics. But here comes the tricky part in order to look luxurious don’t go for too revealing robes since their initial purpose is to conceal.

Also keep in mind your figure shape and height. If you are tall you will look good in any robe. However, if you are short and want to look higher opt for sleek long dark-colored robes as they will do the trick. If you want to hid bulges kimono wraps are just what you need, they are loose and flowing and perfectly fit for hiding body imperfections. The same with fabrics, when you want to hide something just go for solid non-sheer fabrics.

Tips on wearing a robe

Tips on choosing and wearing robe

Of course, it depends on what mood you are in, playful or sleepy, but robes can be worn differently. Tightly wrapped, loose, or wide open. You can wear a sexy lingerie set underneath or only one sexy item. Whatever comes to mind and wherever your fantasy can take you. Just don’t forget what your robe serves for and learn to take it off with grace.

You can wear a robe with thigh highs and garter belt, which will be seen a little when you walk, a pair of pumps can add to your height and confidence. You can also wear comfy slippers with some embroidery for comfort and alluring look of old Hollywood.


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