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Tips on choosing the right garter belt

Category: Lingerie tips October 21st, 2009
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Garter belt is some kind of lingerie extravagance for a lot of women. The possible reason is that they don’t know how to wear it, or they don’t know how to choose the right garter belt for their shape and frame.

However, according to some experts, not wearing garter belts is big mistake since if properly fitted they look great on any body type. Garter belts can be very unforgiving though, and can make even the hottest fashion model look a bit funny-shaped. The trick is working with your hips and not against them.


So here are some simple tips to follow to choose the right garter belt for you.


A perfectly fitting sexy garter belt is usually the one made from stretch lace or stretch satin. These fabrics are really luxurious and turn any look into something ultimately hot and glamorous.

Anyway, if you choose a garter belf for purely practical purposes and don’t look at it as some kind of lingerie item to turn your man on, a stretch jersey belt is also ok.


It’s crucially important to make sure the belt sits right on you, meaning it’s in the right place. To assure comfort and perfect fit mind the following:

The garter belt must be wide enough not to cut into your waist or hip, otherwise you may end up looking like you’ve gained a couple of pounds.

To avoid that you can choose from low-rise or mid rise belts. Just make sure the belt doesn’t go lower than you panties trim (low rise) or higher than your navel (mid rise).

High rise belts, on the other hand, are a risque choice even though they add some retro chic and glamour to your look. Before buying a high rise one, make sure you do look great in it.



Thigh coverage is presented in the following variations:

No coverage looks great and sexy. However, if you have large thighs this look might not always work for you.

An inch or two of coverage looks good on most women. When choosing this style, make sure the material is flexible enough not to ride up your thigh every time you move.

Skirt-long garters look glamorous though kind of 1920s.


Make sure they don’t sit higher that the belt but further down your thigh than the garter belt.

And finally, DON’T FORGET about suitable stockings to go with the belt!



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