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Tips on choosing stockings

Category: Lingerie tips August 22nd, 2010
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Tips on choosing stockings

How to choose stockings that will flatter your body? Seems easy, but is it really? There are so many options on the market, so many types, colors, characteristics and manufacturers. Women’s legs look better in stockings or hose as they smoothen the silhouette of legs and add savour to the overall look. In order to choose right stockings follow our tips below.

Types. To add some savour to your lingerie look choose high thighs or stockings and wear with a garter belt. If the stockings stay up on the leg themselves you may wear them without the garter belt.  Stockings with the lace hem or horizontal seams are playful and flirty and will match any sexy lingerie. When choosing the patterned stockings be sure they do not overwhelm the whole look, but rather complete it. If the lingerie pattern is too complicated opt for plainer stockings.

Ultra sheer stockings let your skin tone show and create nude effect. Day sheer are less sheer and balance between nude and modest sheer effects. Spandex sheer are more durable, made of the mix of nylon and spandex and provide silky and smooth effect. Shimmer or Glimmer shimmer at the light and accentuate the leg shape. Opaques especially in darker tones provide leaner look of the legs.

Color. Choose your stockings color to match the tone of your lingerie or skin. It is always a good idea to choose the color of stockings that will match the color of your lingerie. However, nude or natural color stockings might also look good with the bright colors, but here you can experiment and see which option suits you better. Darker colors have the slimming effect, but if you want to show your leg shape opt for shimmery or sheer stockings.

Size. There is no standardized sizing for stockings, so read the packaging carefully.Your stockings should not wrinkle or sit too tight and low.

Shoes and stockings. Do not wear stockings with heel-strap sandals or peep toe shoes that have a big hole. It might work with the shoes that show only one toe.


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