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Tips on Choosing Slip

Category: Lingerie tips December 27th, 2010
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Tips on Choosing Slip

A simple slip without any detailing is great for wearing under a sleek dress. It helps prevent chafing of the dresses and skirts as well as protects the fancy fabrics from perspiration. Slips are also used for warmth or protecting skin from wool and other coarse fabrics. Choosing slip requires some knowledge about types of slips and coordinating slips and outerwear.

Tips on Choosing Slip

Slips are made from various fabrics, so you can coordinate your dress fabric with the slip fabric. If you plan wearing a half-tight silk dress opt for slips made from mesh and make sure it is not seen from under your dress when you sit. Choose nude slip for wearing under the light dress and for black slip if you are wearing a black dress.

Tips on Choosing Slip

Sleeker and tighter dresses require sleeker slips. These can be made from solid materials with tightening properties to prevent bulking and unflattering silhouette. These slips may serve as bras providing a good support. You should also choose slips with the same neck as your dress.

Tips on Choosing Slip

If you need to choose a slip to wear under the evening dress it is better to bring your dress with you while shopping. Since it is difficult to choose a perfect slip for an evening dress trying them on together in the store will save you time and money.

Tips on Choosing Slip

There are also slip tops that can be worn under shirts and blouses and half slips for wearing under skirts for a great smooth look. Many brands and designers such as Calvin Klein, Bodas, Spanx, Wolford, Jean Yu, and many others offer slips for building a great foundation for your every day and special occasion looks.


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