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Tips on choosing gloves for your lingerie outfit

Category: Lingerie tips August 27th, 2010
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Tips on choosing gloves for your lingerie outfit
Gloves can be a very sexy part of your lingerie outfit. They are soft to the touch and add savor to your look. There are different fabrics, textures and colors that you can choose from to match with your lingerie. These are the tips on choosing gloves for your lingerie outfit.

Satin elbow length gloves. These are classy, dramatic and almost theatrical especially paired with a corset or corset-like wear like basque. You may choose another fabric but these work best in satin as it is very smooth and soft. If you want to play a role, for example of a burlesque dancer you can opt for longer gloves with some embroidery.

Medium length gloves. These can come in satin or black mesh, even lace and work best with the lingerie of the same texture and color. Wear them with a lingerie set, garter belt and stockings.

Short gloves. Short gloves will best work in lace with frill trimming. They can be worn with less lingerie, for example, only bra, panties and a pair of sexy pumps or you can make your hands in gloves work as bra.

You can also try fingerless gloves out of sheer lace or mesh with some embroidery.

Gloves can add sensuality into your sexual life and style in your lingerie outfit. Experiment with the length of the gloves and different styles of lingerie and this may become a part of your sexy costume or simply a cute little detail to take off dramatically.


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