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Tips on choosing right babydoll

Category: Lingerie tips September 2nd, 2010
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Tips on choosing a right babydoll
Babydoll is a great nightie. It is both sexy and concealing. You can correct and balance out your self-perceived flaws with that and stay alluring and desirable. Our tips on choosing a right babydoll will help you choose from a great variety of babydolls‘ fabrics and designs. They can be long, short, sleeveless, fitted and free-flowing. The first and foremost thing to do with a babydoll is not even the sizing, which is also important though comes by default, but a design that will compliment your figure.

Tips on choosing a right babydoll

Body shape. All one piece will do for women with tummy as long as the thing is not tight. Babydolls that split down the middle hang free from the bust line or can be split in the middle giving a pick-a-boo effect. Those that hang free will work for women with slim figure in case the fabrics is sheer but can also cover up a tummy if the fabrics is opaque.

Mid-waist babydolls expose your legs and bottom, so pick a pair of sexy knickers that would match your babydoll and flatter your butt. In case if you want to cover up your bottom and thighs opt for mid-thigh length babydoll though be carefull as this can be tricky.

If you have big hips you would like to cover up make sure your babydoll doesn’t have too much embroidery at the hip line – no rushes, ruffles and other cute stuff. If on the other hand you would like to boost the hip area opt for decorated mid-thigh babydolls with puffy hemline.

Bust. If you have small bust you can choose babydolls with no underwire. If you’d like to boost this area opt for a babydoll with ruffles and rushes in the bust line. In case if you need some support there some babydolls have built-in bra with underwire. They can also have built-in pushup bra or shelf bra.

Tips on choosing a right babydoll
Sleevage. Sleevless babydolls are alluring, but if you think you need to hide your shoulders then opt for short sleeves and avoid ruffled straps. If you want to hide your arms it is better to opt for long sleeves and leave semi-sleeved babydolls alone as they look indecisive. Halterneck babydolls can flatter your wide shoulders.

Fabrics. You can choose any fabrics from chiffon to silk, but some of them can be rigid and itchy. Lace looks great, feminine and sexy especially if it’s semi-sheer but at the same time it is not too soft to the touch. Sheer lycra and chiffon are sexy but be sure you get the right size. Opaque lycra will help you cover up the flaws.

Satin and silk are best for the touch but have shaping problems. Silk or satin babydoll won’t flatter your body shape much, as it will go straight. In this case choose a babydoll that hang free from the middle or the bust line in silk or satin and the upper part is made out of some other material the silk and satin will thus drape beautifully (the picture below).

Tips on choosing a right babydoll

Detailing. Use detailing to your advantage. Bows, ruffles and other such things should be in the areas you would like to boost. Faux fur, feathers and large bows can look ridiculous and tacky, on the other hand if you add couple of accessories and fantasize on the theme you can end up in a sexy costume making your bedroom your theater. Not too bad, maybe.

Color. You remember the color rules – black is slimming, light is boosting. Red is passionate but also can look over the top. Choose the color that will flatter your skin tone or simply will make you look good and feel sexy.

Tips on choosing a right babydoll
Panties. If wearing babydoll without panties is too daring for you make sure that those panties that go in a set with your babydoll are the right size. Otherwise you can buy a pair of knickers that would match your babydoll and flatter your bottom.


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