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Tips on choosing a perfect wedding garter

Category: Bridal lingerie, Lingerie tips August 19th, 2010
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Tips on choosing a perfect wedding garter
Wedding has many different traditions. One of them is tossing a garter to the crowd of single male guests. The one who will catch the garter allegedly will be the next to get married. While the tradition is merely a tradition, your garter can be a special adornment to your bridal attire and lingerie on your wedding night. If you want to choose such garter that would make the moment memorable read our tips on choosing a perfect wedding garter.

Wedding Dress. When choosing a wedding garter consider how your dress sits on you, is it very smooth or loose? So that the garter wouldn’t bulge out and break the line of your wedding dress. If your dress sits smoothly or tightly then you’ll need a garther that would hug your thigh and sit tight. Considering your dress design you can also look for a garter that can be worn higher or lower on the leg than usually and thus be hidden under the dress.

Do they match? Your garter as well as the bridal lingerie does not have to be white. But the garter and lingerie should match to look nice together. The color, fabric, and texture of your garter need not be identical with the lingerie but should compliment it.

Tips on choosing a perfect wedding garter

Toss it or keep it. Before buying a garter discuss with your groom whether or not you are going to fulfill the tradition of tossing a garter to the male guests. If you want to do both, toss it and keep it then opt to the garter set of two. One garter in the set will be wider and more decorated than the other. Both are worn on the right leg above the knee.

Other garter traditions. Garter is supposed to bring luck. So it was passed down to others to be worn as something old. You can also buy a new garter and pas it down to someone else after the ceremony for a good luck. You can also borrow a garter from another bride who has worn it. And you can fulfill a “something blue” tradition with wearing a blue garter.

Garter designs. Being a relatively small piece of cloth, garter comes in many different colors, fabrics and designs. It can be ruffled, lacy, sheer and adorned with little cute things ranging from a horse shoe to mediator. Lace, mesh, satin and many other fabrics with beautiful detailing make up this small adorment. Choose your perfect wedding garter using our tips.



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