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Tips on buying comfortable men’s underwear

Category: Lingerie tips, Mens underwear September 3rd, 2010
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Tips on buying comfortable men's underwear
Besides the style of men’s underwear fabrics play an important role in making underwear comfortable. Natural fabrics are obviously in favor here because they allow skin to breathe and are soft to the touch. Men’s underwear careis easier with the underwear made of natural cotton. Our tips on buying comfortable men’s underwear will hep you in your underwear shopping quest.

Style. If haven’t yet decided what style of underwear is right for you in terms of comfort then read our post on types of men’s underwear and try wearing different styles to decide which one or two suit you better.

Boxers arguably considered as the most comfortable men’s underwear as they are pretty roomy, however if you prefer a little support you better opt for boxer briefs. Avoid bikinis and thong as those may not be as comfortable.

Fabrics. As it was mentioned above natural cotton let your skin breathe, for better fitting choose those with elastic waistbands. Check the waistband elasticity to make sure it’s not too tight or loose.

Sizing. Learn how to measure and estimate your size in our men’s underwear sizing post. Since there is no standard sizing for underwear know your size and ask staff to help you with figuring out what size you should buy. Of course if you chose your brand you will have no problem with sizing. However, natural cotton underwear is likely to shrink after wash, so it is better to buy one size higher.

If you have found underwear that suits you in every sense try to stick to the brand or two and you will have no confusion with sizing and still will get new designs and offers.


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