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Choosing Shapewear Lingerie

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Category: Lingerie tips January 24th, 2012
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tips for choosing shapewear lingerie

Shapewear lingerie comes in a variety of styles and models. Through it you can customize every part of your body and make it look the way you want. Body shaping lingerie can really help when you want to wear something special, and you have problems with your figure. It can become your true friend! For example shapewear is just priceless when you want to look by 4-5 kg less and you want it right now.

tips for choosing shapewear lingerie

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right body shaping lingerie for your needs:
The first thing you need to consider in order to make sure that you are making a good purchase is: What part of your figure you want to improve or conceal? If you want something that really shapes the figure, then you should choose a stringing shaping lingerie. Usually it is made out of lycra, latex, and of course, plain cotton or some soft synthetic material.
If you just want to clear the line of your silhouette, knitted shaping underwear will do a great job for you. This type of underwear is made of lightweight knitted natural or artificial material, mixed with lycra.

tips for choosing shapewear lingerie

You want to ensure your comfort? This would mean that the underwear must have a reasonable percentage of lycra. Pay attention to the label and look for one that has at least 10% lycra (or more). Lycra makes clothes comfortable and flexible. Also, if you want more freedom of movement, try to use a wedge-type underwear with the length above the knee. If you have a large bust, avoid buying a “standard” sizes, because they are not intended for a figure like yours. Look for a particular underwear for ladies with large breasts.

tips for choosing shapewear lingerie

Make sure you are buying the correct size. Too tight or too loose shaping lingerie is a waste of money because it can not fulfill its purpose. So before you go to the store, make sure you know your exact sizes. Note that shaping underwear is also the secret weapon of the stars. In such case there is nothing to worry. It comes in a variety of styles and models, so you can customize every part of your body in the way you want.


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