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The Advantages Of Cotton Lingerie

Category: Lingerie tips April 10th, 2012
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advantages cotton
It might be less sexy than the silk, but wearing cotton lingerie is the best way of taking  proper care for your intimate areas. It also tends to feel much more comfortable right? We will explain why it’s good to use it, revealing to you some of the timeless advantages of cotton underwear.

It is hypoallergenic


This means that cotton underwear protects you, and at the same time, helps to prevent allergies on the delicate skin of your intimate area; such as redness, itching and rashes. Also it is essential to use cotton underwear if you have any vaginal infection.

It protects from moisture.


advantages cotton
There is nothing better than cotton lingerie that will keep you cool in the summer when you sweat. The absorbent properties of cotton make the moisture evaporate much faster, and this will help you feel much more comfortable.

Provides a better ventilation.


In connection with the previous point, the cotton lingerie allows a better ventilation in the intimate area, avoiding the accumulation of moisture and heat which are capable of causing discomfort, itching and infections.

It Lasts longer.


Cotton underwear lasts much longer than the spandex or other synthetic fibers, even after heavy use and frequent washing. There are no limitations, you can wash in  either cold or hot water.

Free of chemicals.


advantages cotton
Underwear made from linen or silk, at the time of the preparation is exposed to a number of chemicals that can later damage the skin. The cotton underwear, however, is free of chemicals and therefore it is much healthier.

Regulates the vaginal pH.


The pH of our skin is typically 5.5, but it may be altered due to various factors including wearing synthetic lingerie. The cotton underwear, meanwhile, helps keeping the pH well balanced.

advantages cotton
The next time you go to buy underwear, consider these benefits and look for a set of cotton lingerie. Today you can find lots of goregous looking models.


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