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Stockings Care Tips

Category: Lingerie tips August 24th, 2011
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Stockings Care Tips

Stockings can enhance almost any lingerie outfit. These are not only to add some savor to the look but also to make your legs look smoother and slimmer if you will. But good quality stockings can be quite expensive and yet they are delicate pieces, which you have to take great care for in order to make them last as long as possible. LingerieWeapon is all for solid investment and preservation so pick up our stockings care tips for proper stockings care.

Hand Wash

Never put your stockings into washing machine. Hand wash in warm water with mild or better specialized detergent or soap. The same should be done with all the hosiery made of delicate fabrics as nylon. Air dry, do not put into dryer as the heat will destroy elastane in the stockings. Use a towel to air dry your stockings and keep them from any heat source including direct sunlight, radiator, and other sources.

Store Carefully

Stockings should properly stored in special containers or bags to prevent tangling. Fold them carefully and be sure to keep them away from the bras and other lingerie because these can have metallic details and jewels that can damage delicate stockings fabrics.

Wear With Care

Remember that jewelry and sharp nails can damage stockings so when you are taking them out of package and putting them on be extremely careful and better yet take off all the rings and bracelets to prevent any possible damage to delicate hosiery fabric. Also be sure to keep toe nails short and smooth.

If you like wearing stockings with stilettos you can find stockings with reinforced heels that protect them from wearing out too fast. Also be careful wearing stockings around furniture and various objects in the house that can create a run or otherwise damage the stockings.



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