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Solutions for Different-Sized Breasts

Category: Lingerie tips June 1st, 2011
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Solutions for Different-Sized Breasts

Different-sized breasts are a common concern for many women. In fact every body part in a human body that has a pair, like eyes or ears, for example, is slightly asymmetrical. It’s a part of nature, so if you find that your breasts are different in size you should know that you are not alone in this. The nipples can also differ in shape and size and almost all women have slightly different breasts.

Solutions for Different-Sized Breasts

In order to seek for solutions to how to even out your breasts take a look in the mirror first. Objectively estimate the difference between your breasts in a bra and in clothes. The difference that seemed rather big to you might be not as obvious for other people. Ask a friend if she sees the difference in size of your breasts. If the difference is slight there’s no need for some special solutions, just wear what you feel comfortable in and try not to think about the slight asymmetry nobody sees it but you.

If your breasts are different in one cup size and more you could try to pad the bra cup of smaller breast. Any bra inserts that will make you feel comfortable will do.

The reasons for different-sized breasts depend on age, body alignment, and disease such as cancer. If you are in your teens your body is still developing so it’s just better to give it a time. Some exercises can change your body alignment back to normal in case you are gaining and losing muscle and fat unevenly.

Solutions for Different-Sized Breasts

Sometimes experts connect breasts size difference to hand dominance. So if you are right-handed your right breast will be larger than the left one. And though it’s not always the case you may try and use your hands evenly. Emphasize the hand you use less with exercise that will develop and strengthen it.

Breast cancer survivors often use prosthesis (mastectomy) bras to even out their breasts after an operation. And of course, breast augmentation and breast reduction procedures can be considered for severe cases of breasts size difference. Augmenting the smaller breast or, on the contrary,  reducing the larger one can be helpful if different-sized breasts interfere with every day life of a patient.

In clothing and lingerie you might want to opt for pieces with embroidered tops that feature ruffles and drapery which will make your bust line less obvious and hide that difference. The bra pads and inserts are still the main option that can make your breasts look absolutely even and help in fitting the clothes properly.


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