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Shapewear Care Dos and Don’ts

Category: Lingerie tips April 5th, 2011
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Shapewear Care Dos and Don'ts

Shapewear is wonder undergarments. So if you want to invest into some it’s great but how to make them last long and make you look stunning? Here are some very helpful tips on shapewear care dos and don’ts. Learn how to wash and store your shaping garments properly to make them serve longer and keep you in shape any time.

As with any lingerie and underwear shapewear should be handled carefully if you want it to last longer. Invest in quality pieces as they are not only long-lasting but also nice-looking and pleasant against the skin. Shapewear should be stretchy in order to work well so be sure to preserve that stretchiness with the following tips.

Temperature is Everything

Hand-washing your shapewear and lingerie is always a great idea if you want to them to serve longer. So do hand-wash your undergarments. But if it’s not always possible due to the modern hectic lifestyle don’t just throw them into the washing machine and dryer. This is not a proper way to care after your shapewear. For a safe machine wash put it into lingerie bag and on cool gentle cycle. Also air dry your undergarments flat. Thus your shapewear won’t lose its elasticity.


Shapewear Care Dos and Don'ts

Of course lingerie, shapewear and hosiery should have a room in a drawer and stored flat or in special cases like those for bras. Otherwise your hosiery will be a mess and your undergarments will become crinkled and untidy-looking. Do organize your lingerie drawer to be convenient in use and storage. Don’t just pile up your undies with the rest of the clothes.

As for temperature it should be cool. Heat doesn’t do any good for elastane that is used in all undergarments so do watch the rooms temperature and store your undies at cool or normal temperature.

Don’t iron your underwear and shapewear. Again heat from the iron will ruin it and make it loose and crinkled. Instead air dry them flat on mesh or towel.


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