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Sexy Lingerie Body And How to Diet Right

Category: Lingerie tips August 5th, 2011
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Sexy Lingerie Body And How to Diet Right

Diet is one of the most popular topics today with all the miracle diet pills, diet plans and workout devices that “work out for you” without yielding any of the promised results – shaped stomach, toned legs and bingo wing-free arms. Isn’t that what many women want? A sexy lingerie body that makes Victoria’s Secret Angels jealous. Well, while that might be the case very few women realize that a diet alone might get you so far but once you’ve reached a certain point those wobbly bits won’t melt away until you squeeze into your training pants and hit the gym or outdoors for a run. Read on how to make exercise enjoyable.

As for the diet you know that there is good dieting and bad dieting.You might have heard or read these rules of proper dieting somewhere but somehow still won’t follow them:

  • Starving is a NO-NO. You don’t want to starve yourself to the point of anorexia or where you find yourself in eating away all produce in the fridge at 1 a.m. in the morning to only gain some more weight later on.
  • There is NO quick way to lose weight. No. Zero. All those miracle, super new, and “effective” diets that promise you a sexy body over a week are nothing but enticing marketing to make you buy something. Stop looking for a shortcut way.
  • Moderation is everything. Do not confuse moderation and restriction. Sometimes the amount of food you need doesn’t equal the amount of food you want to eat. Keep your portions moderate.
  • Hunger signals that your body needs nutrients so don’t ignore it. If you’ve just eaten a good well-balanced lunch and have a hunger pang snack on something healthy like fresh fruit or vegetables or drink water.

Whether you are medium, petite or curvy you can have that sexy lingerie body. Even if your weight is ideal you may don’t like what you see in the mirror. Why? Because no matter how much weight you lose your muscles won’t take shape until you start working out. And if you continue cutting back calories and starving yourself you might end up having serious health problems.

Modern Fashion Diets And Professional Dieting

A diet plan is something quite individual. So when someone comes up with a universal diet you should know it won’t work for everyone. Only a professional dietitian can plan a right diet for you considering your age, sex, health and other factors. All mono diets, celebrity diets are very restrictive and harmful because your body loses nutrients it needs and doesn’t replenish it. As a result your health starts melting away together with your pounds leaving you with bad skin, hair and nails. Only the right diet and regular workout will give you a sexy lingerie body. It’s not so much of a work but a lifestyle. Be healthy and beautiful!


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