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Sexy and practical bra alternatives

Category: Lingerie tips November 6th, 2010
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Sexy and practical bra alternatives

Got tired of restraining bra? Or you need a modest smooth look under your uber-sexy open-back dress? Well, there are many sexy and practical bra alternatives. And we will discuss them today. Read closely!

Besides various types of bras there are also such bra alternatives as pasties and nipple covers, ‘invisible bras’ and other sexy, practical and fun things that can make you look both modest and ultra-sexy.

Pasties (nipple covers)

Sexy and practical bra alternatives

Can be colorful, sparkly but also nude silicon which disguise nipples greatly. It’s up to you which ones to wear but bright decorative pasties are pretty popular among celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Nude silicone pasties can replace adhesive tape in disguising nipples. They can be reusable so you can wear them up  to 20-25 times.

Sexy and practical bra alternatives

Pasties can be of different shapes, colors and textures. The widespread shapes are circles, flower shape, star shape and heart shape. They can be covered with glitter, sequins, trimmed with fur, or decorated with beads and jewelry. Pasties can also become a fun part of your sexy bridal lingerie outfit. Besides they don’t look as bulky as bra under the dress. Pasties have also become a part of a swimming suit which is called stickini, as you probably have guessed it’s waterproff pasties with matching swimming trunks.


Sexy and practical bra alternatives

If you want to show off some burlesque moves to impress your significant other you may use tassels instead of pasties. Tassels are the same nipple covers only with tassels which can be swung around.

We’ve already featured a nipple bra for those who want to emphasize their nipples rather than hide them. Nipple bras has fake nipples built in the cups. Now there are pasties that simulate erected nipples.

Invisible Bra

Sexy and practical bra alternatives

Invisible Bra is breast covers that promise a good support and smooth look. A set of two adhesive covers provide support, strapless/backless, smooth look. It is not recommended for people with sensitive skin though. The Invisible bra promises to provide the support you need and hide nipples. Priced around $2.99 for three sets of self-adhesive disposable covers.

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