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Reasons to wear a girdle and how to wear one

Category: Correction underwear, Lingerie tips, Mens underwear August 18th, 2010
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Reasons to wear a girdle and how to wear one

Why wear a girdle? There are some good reasons to wear one. Famous during the 30s, 40s and 50s girdle created hourglass figures which along with small waistlines were in. Traditionally made of elastic materials girdle smoothes the waist, hips and thighs. Originally girdle was referred to as a belt. Nowadays girdle usually is referred to as a part of women’s underwear which predominated in the first part of the 20th century when it has overcome the corset’s popularity. So what are the reasons to wear a girdle and how to wear one?

Reasons to wear a girdle and how to wear onePanty girdle

Tummy and trouble spots control. Since girdle has once  replaced a corset it served a quite similar purpose for women although the girdle is less constrictive that the corset. It tightens and lifts tummy, waist, hips and butt hiding these common trouble spots allowing shaping.

Shapely figure. In order to look good in the clothes the girdle is used to create shapely firgure which allows clothes to sit better without exposing bulges and troble spots.

Reasons to wear a girdle and how to wear oneMaternity girdle

Back support. Maternity girdles provide pregnant women with a good back support. The postpartum girdles will be good for creating a shapely figure after giving birth.

Posture. Another reason to wear a girdle is that it helps maintaining a good posture which overall creates a beautiful look accompanied with a shapely figure.

Self-esteem. We have already written about lingerie as a way to boost your confidence and girdle is not an exclusion. A girdle helps you feel organized and shapely, your clothes fits better thus making you feel more confident and sexy.

There are many different types of girdles. Panty girdle looks like high-cut briefs. Long-leg panty girdle goes above the waist and have extra long coverage of the legs. An open-bottom girdle has an open crotch area. And a full body girdle covers the area above the waist and continues longer by the leg than in panty girdles. Girdles can not only be functional but sexy too. The lace panels and semi-sheer fabrics and suspender straps to hold tights bring in sexiness as well does the slimming effect. Girdles can also be made of satin and PVC which also adds sexual appeal.

Reasons to wear a girdle and how to wear one

Men’s girdles or mirdles are the shapewear for men that come in sleeveless tank tops and long-sleeve T-shirts with a blend of with a special blend of Spandex, nylon and polyester incorporated there in order to slim the tummy, shape chest a little, improve posture but make it all look natural enough. There are also brief girdles that provide tummy, butt and hips control.

Now to the question of how to wear one?

To wear a girdle correctly you need to know what size you are. The store staff may help you with that. Firstly, it may be a little uncomfortable to wear a girdle, but after you got used to it a little bit it has to fit you well, the girdle should not be too tight to hurt your hips and thighs. It has to smooth the bulges but not create them, so pay attention to that too. If the girdle is uncomfotable then it is a wrong size and you need to choose another one. A perfect girdle sits so you don’t even feel it.


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    Enjoyed reading this. Thanks

  2. Tom Sleifer Says:

    About 3 years ago I started to get a small belly with lower back pains that was effecting both my posture and fitting in my clothes. I decided to locate a corsetier for a fitting and some consulting. The best thing I have ever done. The corsetier fit me in a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle. She had to teach me how to put on the girdle, and how to keep my stomach muscles relaxed and to develop a positive daily habit of putting on a girdle. I found over a few days once I became use to the benefits of being girdled daily it was great, no more belly a nice firm flat well supported stomach, which now I have great posture, and no more lower back pains, I a dramatic increase in energy and confidence. I am amazed as to the positive effect a girdle has.

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