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Plus-Size Lingerie Tips

Category: Lingerie tips August 3rd, 2011
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Plus-Size Lingerie Tips

Plus-size lingerie market is growing with the demand of lingerie for fuller busted, curvier ladies. It’s no secret that great lingerie makes us feel more confident about our bodies so it’s important to know how to choose it right. Whether you are medium, plus-size or petite you will find lingerie stores and brands that offer lingerie in your size range. And just like petite or medium plus-size women need a great fit.

Fit Tip

The ideal fit makes any lingerie piece or clothes look good. It doesn’t bulk, it accentuates what needs to be accentuated and hides what you want to hide. The first thing to keep in mind is the right fit. Being a plus-size usually means having a fuller bust. So you have to make sure that your bust doesn’t spill out of the bra or bustier, or panties don’t dig into your hips creating unflattering bulges. If it’s not the case you can easily opt for padded and richly decorated bras.

Plus-Size Lingerie Tips

It’s simple. Measure yourself properly or get measured by a professional at the lingerie shop. Do this every 6 months and you won’t have to try on sixty bras before you buy one that might still not be your size. It will pinch you, dig into your shoulders and simply make you feel uncomfortable.


As we’ve mentioned you can probably boast a fuller bust so you might need a bit of extra support. Full coverage and balcony bras are great at providing that extra support if you need it. Wider straps and bands in bras are also made for added support. There are special brands that make bras for fuller busted ladies such as Goddess, Elomi, Freya, and CurvyKate so you might look into them to find designs you like.


There are really no limits on the fabrics. Satin, lace, cotton, or leather. Wear what makes you feel sexy and confident. Though there are couple of tips:

  • stay on less mat side if you want to avoid adding volume to your curves,
  • stick with medium size patterns and prints to even out your figure,
  • natural fabrics are softer and more pleasant to the touch.

Plus-Size Lingerie Tips


Plus-size women aren’t deprived from any styles of lingerie. You can wear corsets, basques, bustiers, babydolls, teddies, bodysuits and anything really. Though you got to look out for designs. If a piece is too much decorated and embellished it might visually enhance your curves. If you want to avoid that, stick with solid mat fabrics and simpler and smoother designs.

Know Your Body Type

In order to choose a flattering lingerie garment you really need to know your body type and learn how to balance out your figure. If you are lucky enough to have an hour-glass shape then you can get away almost with any pieces as long as it’s not too voluminous. Read our tips on correcting figure with lingerie:


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2 Responses to “Plus-Size Lingerie Tips”
  1. Lingerie lover Says:

    Great tips here! Lingeries aren’t only for slim body, every woman can wear it to boost your confidence. Knowing your size is always the essential and important tips to choose the right lingerie.

  2. James Says:

    Plus size? That woman isn’t plus size.

    She’s GORGEOUS size.

    The Victoria’sSecret models? Ugh. Boobs on a stick.

    If you like bones, or are a latent homosexual, I guess you’d find them attractive, since they look like 13 year old boys with boob jobs.

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