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Padded panties: yay or nay?

Category: Correction underwear, Lingerie tips, Mens underwear November 4th, 2010
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Padded panties: yay or nay?

Much debate goes around whether or not padded panties worth the money cause, once they’re off so is your full sculpted butt. On the other hand, what if you simply want to look your fullest in your new dress or pants? Well, that’s for you to decided while we provide info what kind of padded panties there are.

Padded panties: yay or nay?

Padded underwear comprise not only panties, but also shapewear like high-cut briefs, shorts, and bodysuits. So in addition to adding some volume to your backside you can also control tummy, thighs, and hips. However not all of this underwear is sexy, most of it is rather practical so you might not want to show it off in your bedroom. Rather use our tips on how to get bigger butt wearing sexy lingerie.

Padded panties: yay or nay?

There are also other styles of booty pop wear. Ever heard of butt bra? This wear lift up your butt with help of special bands and design, but lacks those pads that fill in your butt. So in other words, this butt bra works as your regular push up bra. Sometimes you’d see a regular shapewear with cutout buttocks which also provides butt lift.

Padded panties: yay or nay?

There is also such underwear for men with frontal and back padding. You might even find jeans that provide this lift-up and push-up effect. So what do you think about padded panties? Yay or nay?


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3 Responses to “Padded panties: yay or nay?”
  1. blackcurvynaturalbutt Says:

    First black women were ridiculed, oh wait, the they’re still ridiculed for their “ghetto booties, but now white women want bigger booties like Kim K. and J.Lo, and the paddy panties make it ok to suddenly have a bit of junk in the trunk.

    Yuck Fou. Hypocritically disgusting. From now on, I am going to flaunt what GOD GAVE ME in front of flat asses who now want a big butt.

    Eat it you hypocritical, two faced jackholes. I am so sick and tired of the double standard. Thank G-d for the physical assets I have NATURALLY that the world said was too big, to “ghetto”.

    Make me f&cking sick with mainstream/fashion’s bullsh(t

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