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Our Zodiac Signs Influence Our Choice of Lingerie

What the zodiac has to say about your underwear?

Category: Lingerie tips January 18th, 2012
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zodiac influences choice lingerie
Beautiful lingerie gives the woman self-confidence. It improves her mood in her everyday life, and most importantly – adds a spice in her intimate relationships. Sexy lingerie can be a real weapon, stimulating the sexual fantasy of your partner. The choice of underwear can largely depend on the zodiac sign. The light and the influence of the stars can reach even to the most hidden places.


The red color of the erotic lingerie emphasizes the sexuality of Aries. Red is the undisputed favorite that never goes out of fashion. Red silk or satin creates the impression of a hot flame that is associated with passion and sensuality. According to surveys, men find the red color to be the most erotic one.
The natural boldness of Aries is often reflected in their underwear, among it you can find sets from artificial leather
with lacing, the so-called “game clothes” or clothes for sexual role-playing games.

zodiac influences choise lingerie
zodiac influences choise lingerie


Sexy Lingerie for Taurus is a kind of salvation from boredom and monotony. It can be multi-colored, contrasting, patterned, decorated or with embroidery. Delicate floral patterns underline the natural softness and the enviable femininity of the Taurus ladies. Generally, the underwear of the Venus representatives is an integral part of their image. A large role is played by the colors, which are usually selected depending on the mood.


Airy and easy to move the Gemini are sticking to the “minimalism”, believing that an intimate lingerie should show as many charms as possible. However, the “tango” panties, are already out of fashion. Instead, one of the most popular trends in the world of seductive lingerie has become the transparency effect. It unleashes men’s fantasies and desires. Flesh-colored underwear and mesh stockings also help in emphasizing the sexuality and spicing up the look.

zodiac influences choise lingerie
zodiac influences choise lingerie


Pink erotic lingerie would be the choice of tender the Cancer. Pink draws others with its helplessness, flirtiness and even “candy-ness”. The man, when seeing a pink strap, even at a subconscious level seeks to preserve its possessor, barely restraining himself from hugging and cuddling with her. Pink underwear is chosen usually by the more naïve and shy girls, but the crimson and fuchsia colors give the Cancers cheerfulness and confidence.
For the energetic cancers the pastel colors would be more suitable. These are the colors that promote physical and mental relaxation: soft blue, pale yellow, silver, smoky, peach, cream and champagne. The breasts are the main advantage for the women of this zodiac sign, and they love to decorate them. They would use something like satin bustier adorned with flirty ruffles or venetian lace.


The orange color has a very similar energy to the red. On the psychological level it increases the heart rate and is associated with spices and delicacies. There are not that many lovers of orange erotic lingerie, but there are admirers of underwear with sun shades like gold, amber or copper. These colors can look great on both pale and tanned skin.
The lioness also tries to harmonize with tiger or leopard prints in various color relations.
As for styles, the ladies from this sign use any erotic lingerie sets that can be described with the word: “gorgeous.”

zodiac influences choise lingerie
zodiac influences choise lingerie


The Virgo sign does not tolerate bright tones and the typical colors of the wild erotic lingerie. Brown underwear reflects the earthly character of the Virgo. It is not prone to adventures and any mpossible desires. On a psychological level, a brown lingerie means propensity for sexual flirtation and sex as a physical rather than a romantic action. This is actually what many men desire. But in the fashion world of erotic lingerie there is no color with the name “brown”. “Cocoa”, “caramel” and “chocolate” – are the symbols of an elegant woman who knows her worth.
Long night gowns, dresses made of microfiber, chiffon and other light, flowing fabrics are going in harmony with the Virgo’s character.


If the zodiac signs could come to life, the Libra would certainly appear in the guise of the queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese, with a porcelain face and scarlet lips. Burlesque embodies the most sophisticated, feminine and sexy outfits. New models of the so-called glamorous lingerie retro-style, made of velvet, satin and lace, with mostly warm, rich tones once more have become a big hit today. Such underwear has a theatrical effect and is considered a classic attribute of erotica. Such would be cone-shaped bras, high-waisted panties, fishnet stockings, and lace corsets.

zodiac influences choise lingerie
zodiac influences choise lingerie


Every Scorpio girl wants to be as seductive as possible in front of her intimate partner. So they approach the choice of the innermost part of their wardrobe with utmost seriousness . The style of the Scorpio can be described as provocative and intriguing. In the arsenal of the fatal seductress we can find corsets made of lace, sheer or satin, and also balconette bras, closure vests, chemises, and much more.


With the Sagittarius it is usually interesting and fun, as they are young at heart and love to experiment. They do not enjoy underwear in any pale and boring colors. However, black lace lingerie or transparency in dark colors would be the Sagittarius’ classic. The fashion critics call this style of lingerie “The aggressive sexuality”. Statistics also says that most men are obsessed with black stockings with garter belt and a fishnet bodysuit.

zodiac influences choise lingerie
zodiac influences choice lingerie


These ladies choose classic black or white underwear and a minimum of frills and extra trimmings. Meanwhile, white emphasizes the natural female beauty. White underwear would be chosen by a self-confident woman, looking for the partner who has serious intentions. The snow-white color reflects the energy of Capricorn, casting an image of the “Snow Queen”, which should inspire sensuality. When you look at women in snow-white lingerie, all associative impulses are absent, and the focus is entirely on the female body.


The Aquarius will cannot be charmed by lingerie, decorated with sequins and crystals. There is something even more original, such as jeans corset, or underwear with fluffs, feathers or mirror sequins. The perfect underwear for the Aquarius – is violet. It is the color of the intellectual aristocrat ladies or a women with ideas and inspiration. On a psychological level, purple, lilac and violet hues are part of the most mysterious gamma, and are associated with royalty and the mysteries of science. The hot energy of the red and the icy mystery of the blue – embodied in the cobalt color – is the most intriguing option for a two-tone contrasting underwear in accordance with the fashion trends. Cobalt is an alternative to the sex classic red lingerie.

zodiac influences choise lingerie
zodiac influences choise lingerie


Pisces usually have a weakness for anything that shimmers and glitters. Some Pisces love the bright shades of an erotic lingerie, such as the glaze of a pearl, the shining of the light or the coldness of the ice. Others prefer the dark tones like emerald, azure, sapphire and turquoise, these are associated with the deep sea and the beauty of the hidden treasures in the earth-crystals. Pisces are soft and pliable in the hands of a sexual partner, they are as clay, and similar colors give a sense of touch to unknown depths.


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