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Men’s underwear dos and dont’s

Category: Lingerie tips, Mens underwear August 26th, 2010
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Men's underwear dos and dont's

It is important what’s underneath your fashionable jeans or suit. Stylish and comfortable underwear will serve not only as a necessity but a part of your own individual style and sexuality. Our men’s underwear dos and don’ts will help you find a right direction.

DO find brand and styles. Once you’ve found the brand that makes the best-fitting underwear for you stick with it if it looks good and is high-quality. Choose several styles that meet your needs and activities. Read about the different types of men’s underwear.

DO wear a right size underwear – not too tight, not too loose.

DO keep your underwear clean and fresh. Wash your underwear always with the garments of the same colors whites with whites and darks with darks to avoid discoloration. Change your underwear everyday and this applies to T-shirts too.

DO go shopping for new underwear. If your underwear is old and worn-down go shopping.

DON’T show off your underwear. Whether you are wearing trousers with boxers that bulge out or low-cut jeans with high-cut briefs it is a bad idea to show off your underwear like that.

DON’T forget to wear your underwear. Of course, it is up to you whether or not to wear something underneath your pants, but be careful not to get into an embarrassing situation in public. And don’t forget about the germs.

DON’T tuck your T-shirt in your underwear. This is not sexy and it creates bulges under your clothes.


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