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Lingerie Wardrobe Essentials

Category: Lingerie tips September 10th, 2011
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Lingerie Wardrobe Essentials

Lingerie wardrobe essentials depend on the type of clothes you prefer. Besides regular bras and panties there are styles that may be helpful for improving your silhouette under the clothes. Some special occasion outfits might also require certain lingerie styles.  Take a look at some lingerie wardrobe essentials:

Well Fitting Bra

A well-fitting bra is probably one of the most basic and essential things in the lingerie wardrobe. It should be right size, should provide support, and keep great shape. Invest in quality bras and know how to care for them properly. Get fitted every six months to always be able to buy the right size bras.

Lingerie Wardrobe Essentials

Nude Lingerie Set

If you like semi-sheer fabrics or white clothes nude lingerie set is essential to your lingerie wardrobe. It should be close to your own skin tone in order to look invisible under the clothes you’re wearing. White underwear worn with white clothes doesn’t work as white bras and panties still show through.

Invisible Panties

If you wear business suits and want to avoid visible panty lines or simply don’t want your thongs stick out of your jeans have a pair of no VPL or invisible panties in your lingerie wardrobe. Some no VPL laser cut panties can come in nude color but there are also bright no VPL panties and even Brazilian style lacy knickers.

Convertible/Mulitway Bra

If you wear low cut tops and dresses then a plunge or U plunge bra could be worn underneath to hide the bra. Low cut backs in the garments can be worn with low back bras or convertible bras that can be worn in several different styles which is quite handy as such versatile pieces can be worn with both every day clothes and special occasion outfits.

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