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How to increase you sex appeal by using the right types of lingerie.

Category: Lingerie tips January 16th, 2012
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lingerie to seduce

If you want to seduce your guy using lingerie this article is the right one for you. It presents the best tips for making your underwear look scorchingly hot and sexy. Just try and see!
You already know that most men are crazy about women’s underwear and their inner pressure is rapidly pulsing when they are face to face with a sexy lingerie. We might think that they do not look at anything, or that our new outfit goes unnoticed, but in reality men receive every signal we send. And whether it be conscious or unconscious, they always react to the smallest detail of our clothing, our makeup, or the strap hanging over the shoulder.
A set of black lingerie with a lace is a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion. A black outfit with some transparencies, combined with lace, lycra, or silk, will highlight your figure and will make sure that you are the main character of the night. Seductively unbutton your shirt when you’re in front of your guy or sit on his lap while you whisper in his ear; this will surely increase his temperature above the boiling point.

lingerie to seduce

Combine different materials

Braziers, bodisuits, chemises or lingerie are the types of garments that would be rolling around in the drawer of every woman. Some are made of more smooth materials, like silk or lycra, but you can also find cotton. If you want a night of passion and have a desire to surprise your guy with a sexy lingerie, you need to try a mixture of materials with the lace in underexposed or overexposed colors. For example, notice how the pattern of the outfit on the picture matches the pink lace patterns with the black transparency united by a gentle silk strap, such combination would even excite the statue of David in Florence.

lingerie to seduce

Lace on the cleavage

The lace trims around the cleavage or a crochet type neckline have always been a factor to consider if you want to excite your guy. You know that they like to admire this part of our body that gives a hint to something as feminine as the woman’s breasts. If you put on a black chemise with some lace details on the cleavage, surely the guy could not resist finding out what lies beyond it. You can additionally spice up your look with flirty and sexy accessories, for example adding a bracelet or necklace will drastically increase your magnetism.

lingerie to seduce

Wear transparencies

Transparencies must be worn according to the appropriate style. It is not worth putting on a gauze shirt and combine it with a pair of jeans and sneakers. You should maintain the style of your outfit and try to always look impeccable so that you do not lose your sex appeal. You can match the color of the transparent garment with the color of your bra. An explosive combination would be a black gauze shirt and the bra in red, magenta or yellow. Also a white shirt would go really well with a black lace or dark green bra. Combining underwear is not different from combining any other types of accessories, in other words in order to induce the desired effect colors should be matched appropriately.

lingerie to seduce

The leopard pattern

It is true that the leopard pattern could look very tacky if you wear it without any consideration.You should also pay attention to the type of material it is made from and the quality of the print. Bras and lingerie pieces with a leopard pattern are a classic item in the closet of every lioness. If you do not have any lingerie with the colors of this lovely kitty, then what are you waiting for? Do you think that the leopard pattern has gone out of fashion? It surely did not. This pattern gets recycled and recycled again every season. Therefore find the type of underwear with the leopard pattern that you like and put it on for a night of wild savannah passion!

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