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Lingerie Tips: How To Choose Sports Bra

Category: Lingerie tips March 22nd, 2012
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In our time when everyone is obsessed with sports it is impossible to stay off trend. Besides, it keeps you fit and, what is most important, healthy. When doing sports one needs to be dressed appropriately so that clothes are comfortable and functional and special bra is of ultimate importance, because while other parts of your body get fit your breast tissue can get very stretched. Choosing the right sports bra is not easy and can be quite troubled but once you determine your size and type of sports bra you will never wear an ordinary bra for sports activities again.


Types of Sports Bras


Before we start speaking about how to determine size of a sports bra we should discuss types of sports bras first. There are three basic types: compression, compression-encapsulation and encapsulation bras.

Compression bras are good for small bust, A-B cups. They work by compressing breasts against chest wall this way restricting excess movement. Compression bras come in two styles: scoop-back style which is good for women who prefer low or medium-impact activities, and racer-back style which is more supportive and is great for medium and high-impact activities.

Compression/encapsulation bras, or “combination” bras as they are often called, are best for C and D cups. They provide more support than compression bras.

Encapsulation bras are the most supportive and are intended for D and DD cups. Such bras have individual cups which surround and support each breast separately without compressing it. Encapsulation bras are very similar to everyday bras.


What You Should Know About Sports Bras


  • The foundation of a sports bra is its band which is around the bottom. The wider it is the more supportive the bra is.
  •  Shoulder straps, which hold up the cups, are also important and should be wide enough to provide you with necessary support, especially if your bust is big. Watch that straps don’t slip off or press into your shoulders. Adjustable straps are the best as you will be able to customize the fit.
  •  Most sports bras come with underwire that can be made of metal or plastic and is intended for reinforcing material at the bottom of the cup.
  •  Fabric sports bras are usually made of tends to absorb moisture and keep you comfortable within the entire duration of your workout session. However, the more supportive the bra is the less it absorbs moisture.


How To Determine Sports Bra Size


Statistics says that more than half of women wear ill-fitting bras, which is not surprising as every brand has its own size chart. So the best way to determine your sports bra size is to try on a few sizes and find the one that you feel most comfortable in. There are a few things you still can do to determine your bra size (at least approximately):

  1.  Take off your top and measure around your rib cage, under your breast. Make sure the tape measure is snug but allows you to breathe freely. This measurement is your band size.
  2.  Measure around your bust at the fullest part of it and round up your number to the closest whole number. This is your bust size.
  3.  Subtract your band size from your bust size to get your cup size. The result is the following:

Difference 1″ – Cup A
Difference 2″ – Cup B
Difference 3″ – Cup C
Difference 4″ – Cup D
Difference 5″ – Cup DD

So, your size is: Bust size + Cup size.


How To Understand Sports Bra Fits You


To determine whether your sports bra fits you or not do the following:

  • Check tightness. If your sports bra is tighter than your regular bra but you can breathe freely in it with the bra fastened on the middle hook, it fits.
  • Check straps. They shouldn’t dig into your shoulders.
  • Make sure nothing chafers – at seams, around armholes and in the area of straps and hooks.
  • Jump or run in place to check whether you feel the right amount of support or not.
  • Check for wrinkles or puckers. There should be none on a sports bra that fits well.

That is all we can advise you on sports bras. We hope these tips will be helpful.


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