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Lingerie Tips for Women With Big Abs

Category: Lingerie tips March 9th, 2012
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All of us, no matter what kind of body shape we have, want to feel sexy and desirable. Women with large bellies can wear sexy lingerie by choosing the right fabric, color, style and size. The right lingerie will conceal your imperfections while enhancing your best features. The wrong lingerie can make a woman with a large belly look shapeless and unattractive.

Hide the Negative

Lingerie is meant for making women feel sensual, sexy, special and desirable. Women with big abs should avoid materials that are tight or sticky such as PVC, leather and Lycra. These materials draw attention to ugly folds. If you have any problems with belly size, choose lingerie styles that are loose in the waist and made from flowing materials such as silk or satin as these materials drape well and accentuate the figure.

Emphasize the Positive

Accentuate the areas of your body you find the most beautiful; this is how you can draw attention away from your belly area. For example, if you feel your breast is your most attractive part, wear bras that emphasize your cleavage. If you are confident about your shapely legs, show them off with a negligee that conceals the belly but reveals the legs – a baby doll nightie is the best example of it. If you believe your butts are your sexiest attribute, then wear panties or thongs that draw attention to your shapely derriere.

Care the Color

The simpler your lingerie’s colors are better your body looks. All lingerie pieces you wear simultaneously should be the same color. It’s the wide-known fact that dark colors such as black, brown, navy blue and burgundy make one seem more svelte. Many women make mistake by sporting rich patterns – don’t do it as large designs may draw attention to the large belly you want to hide. Instead, wear lingerie with smaller designs or bold, colorful accessories.

Keep the Right Size

Many plus-size women think that purchasing larger sizes will conceal their large abs and make them look slimmer. Actually, lingerie that is too large looks shapeless and unattractive while correctly fitting ones help you emphasize your positive traits. Buy items that fit your personality. If you are conservative or self-conscious about your large belly, wear long gowns and add layers such as a silky robe that complements the rest of the ensemble. Women with flirty personalities may want to wear outfits that are more revealing.


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