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Lingerie Outfits for Valentine’s Day

Category: Lingerie tips February 12th, 2011
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Lingerie Outfits for Valentine's Day

Whether you want to look sultry or innocent on Valentine’s Day your lingerie outfit has to planned right. The lingerie you are going to wear should be good quality but it doesn’t have to be super luxurious or expensive. It can be festive but not trashy. There are also tricks to make your body look super hot in lingerie if you haven’t been working out lately. Check out some of the lingerie outfits we offer you to try this Valentine’s Day.

Silk Slip

Lingerie Outfits for Valentine's Day

Can be worn with silky skin and a pair of shoes to make your legs and silhouette slimmer. Think other colors aside black and red. Go for pink, lavender, teal, or other. White and light pink are great for an innocent romantic look. You can wear only that and no need for any other accessories.


Lingerie Outfits for Valentine's Day

Want an hourglass figure opt for corset. It doesn’t have to be a Victorian creation with steel bones and rich embellishments. Corset-like basques, bustiers and more can cinch your waist and push up the bust for a more flattering look. Corsets are great with stockings and bloomers and shoes.

Original Lingerie Sets

Lingerie Outfits for Valentine's Day

Simple lingerie sets are not so exciting anymore. Opt for some interestingly designed version of every day lingerie set. Add some lingerie accessories as gloves or cuffs.

Jazz up your lingerie outfit with some sexy perfume. Do choose practical variants as such embellishments as metal details and zippers, sequins and chains can hurt your partner. Don’t underestimate shoes. Do opt for quality rather than quantity. Do moisturize your skin and add some gold powder for additional glow.



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