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Lingerie Models’ All Time Beauty Secrets

Category: Lingerie tips August 10th, 2011
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Lingerie Models' All Time Beauty Secrets

Modeling is considered to be a glamorous profession. You change designer clothes, walk and pose looking good and sexy and in the evenings you hit the club or two with your friends and next morning wake beautiful. Ha, does anybody really think that these days? But anyway the sexiest of them all are considered to be lingerie models cause…err…they model lingerie the most revealing of garments. So whether you are a lingerie model or a girl who wants to look like one in her lingerie these lingerie models’ all time beauty secrets are for you.

Bar Refaeli Beauty Secrets

Bar Refaeli doesn’t torture herself with strict diets. Instead she eats salads and skinless poultry and works out everyday. But oh, she doesn’t sweat in the gym for two hours every day of the week. Instead she prefers to vary exercises when they bore her but she does them every day to keep her in shape.

Miranda Kerr Beauty Secrets

Miranda Kerr’s all time beatury secret is probably organic food and cosmetics. She eats healthy foods, uses rose essential oil in her beauty routine and works out, of course. Australian beauty has also launched her own organic cosmetics line named KORA and has a blog on healthy lifestyle.

Kelly Brook Beauty Secrets

Kelly Brook is a curvy beauty. Her beauty bag  always has a lip balm and a nail polish. She also loves body scrubs and doesn’t like to workout. She keeps fit by watching what she eats and avoiding sugar as much as possible. Brook also believes that over plucking one’s eyebrows is a beauty no-no.

Marisa Miller Beauty Secrets

Marisa Miller is very particular about a physical training, one of her main beauty secrets. Just do it. Don’t sit and wait for a miracle or inspiration. She does exercise everyday so that when a photo shoot day comes she’s all ready, no hassle with strict diets and boot camps. Get all the tempting foods away from the house and when you’d walk to the fridge to snatch a candy there won’t be one. ‘Don’t eat like your guy’ says Marisa. You can have French fries in the evening and blame yourself for that or opt for a healthier dish and end up both full and trim.

Heidi Klum Beauty Secrets

Heidi Klums beauty secrets aren’t really secrets. These are the rules of a healthy lifestyles – healthy food, enough sleep, and happiness. But one thing that stuck in my mind is her advice to women who are heading towards their 40’s – ‘Don’t be too thin’. The model said that having a little meat or fat, I would say, will prevent you from looking gaunt.

So you see there are a few rules that can make you look like a lingerie model. Shaped (read shaped not skinny) body, flawless smooth skin and quality lingerie that flatters your body shape. A good body and glowing skin will give you confidence you need to show off in lingerie. To have beautiful skin – clean, exfoliate and moisturize. For good body – eat healthily in moderation and workout. It’s not a rocket science.


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