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Lingerie model secrets: Erin Heatherton’s workout

Category: Lingerie Models, Lingerie tips November 20th, 2010
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Lingerie model secrets: Erin Heatherton's workout

More on lingerie model secrets about how they get into shape for a show or shoot. Want to know how Erin Heatherton is working out to stay fit and toned as well as have strength to carry those wings? Then watch closely as lingerie model’s personal celebrity trainer Justin Gelband reveals Erin Heatherton’s workout which helps her keep that toned body.

Erin works on getting strong ankles and legs to be able to carry heavy wings while she’s on the runway for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010. She does easy presses and jumps to tone and lean her legs. Justin Gelband also tells what exercises will lift up your inner thighs and make them look absolutely fantastic.

Lingerie model secrets: Erin Heatherton's workout

The cool gadgets and tools for sculpting an Angel-like body are sliders and elastic bands, which make the whole body work as well as involve as many group of muscles as possible. The important thing is changing your workout routine regularly to achieve the better effect from your exercises. Erin also does balance and stability exercise to improve her balance and be able to walk in killer heels.

Watch the video of Erin Heatherton’s workout and learn some lingerie model secrets to toned body:

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