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Lingerie Industry: What Makes Good Model

Category: Lingerie tips July 27th, 2011
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Lingerie Industry: What Makes Good Model

Fashion industry has its own rules and in order to get in and become successful there following the tips below will certainly won’t harm. Since not all lingerie models work only with lingerie your portfolio should reflect your line of work. Swimwear, clothes, lingerie, the more of kinds garments you model the more job opportunities you get but it doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to do it all. So what makes a good model? A good model is a professional. She knows how present herself, she has a great portfolio and is known for her good personality. No matter how professional you behave people tend to look at your personal traits so try to show good sides without crossing the line of professionalism.

As you may see with many models looks don’t define it all. As it was mentioned, your professionalism and charisma, creativity and personal appeal play a great role at making you a good model. So here are some traits that you can develop to boost your modelling career:

Neat Appearance

No matter how good-looking you are neatness comes first. Nails, hair, and smile should be groomed and maintained. Undergarments should also be neat and clean as when you will be changing chances are there will be dozens of people around you.

Work Ethic

Good model has a good work ethic.

  • Don’t be late.
  • Do follow instructions if any.
  • Pay attention to photographer.
  • Let others do their job (make up artists, hairstylists, designers, photographers).
  • Be polite.
  • Take time to develop a character (feel the theme, the setting, the partner model(s)).


In order to be a good model you should always appear different. Your ability to diversify the photo set, assume roles and pull off different characters is one of your strengths that should be constantly developed. If your photo shoot requires free style posing loosen up before it, dance a bit, feel your body.

Be Flexible, but Be Faithful to Principles

Well, it says for itself. Working with people always requires a certain level of flexibility. However, staying faithful to one’s principles is important for any individual. The industry can dictate and impose its rules constructive as well as destructive so you have to set the line where you can protect yourself from becoming another fashion’s victim.


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