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Lingerie Industry: Lessons to Learn from Victoria’s Secret

Category: Lingerie tips August 1st, 2011
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Lingerie Industry: Lessons to Learn from Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a very successful lingerie brand. It started in 70s and has grown to be a giant in the lingerie industry. Through its three-decade history the brand has earned billions of dollars, mailed millions of catalogs and opened several international stores. So there are couple of lessons to learn from Victoria’s Secret about branding, promotion, and approach to design.

The Beginning

It all started in 1977 when Roy Raymond has decided to open his own lingerie store where men couldn’t be embarrassed to choose lingerie for their ladies. The enterprise, which was called Victoria’s Secret then has grown to 6 six stores in total and a mail-order catalog. In 1982 Raymond had to sell his business to The Limited that has expanded the brand opening more and more stores across U.S. The assortment of goods has also expanded from lingerie to clothing and footwear.

Lingerie Industry: Lessons to Learn from Victoria's Secret


The brand is being constantly promoted. In 1995 Victoria’s Secret has launched their first fashion show to get media coverage later getting it to the national television adding whole new range of elements to it from grand costumes to special feature called Fantasy Bra. The brand is also known for its models – faces and bodies of the brand, known as Angels. The image has become so popular that every model who’s been given Angel wings is now known to all lingerie and brand fans. The catalog in itself is a great way to showcase the product in its best. And these are all great promotional tools to keep your brand always in the spotlight and attention.

Lingerie Industry: Lessons to Learn from Victoria's Secret


Victoria’s Secret has not only built themselves an image selling just lingerie. The innovation is one of the key elements of success. Victoria’s Secret is constantly working to bring new shapes, designs and styles that would flatter women and known as Victoria’s Secret signature design.

Even though today’s lingerie industry is much more competitive than it was thirty years ago it’s possible to grow and expand within your own niche and a name for your brand with the right branding, innovative design and marketing.


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