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Lingerie Industry: How to Make Great Portfolio

Category: Lingerie tips July 26th, 2011
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Lingerie Industry: How to Make Great Portfolio

Lingerie designers and models need an alluring portfolio to get into the lingerie industry. The better your portfolio is the more chances of landing a good job you have. But don’t think that once you’ve created a portfolio you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Here are some tips on how to make a great portfolio and some advice to maintain or edit it. First of all, what is a portfolio? It is a presentation of your work in its best. Only the greatest of your works should find their way into your portfolio because you need to make a right impression at one shot on whoever you want to impress.

Lingerie designer portfolio of course is quite different than the model’s portfolio. Beside works designer portfolio should include resume that lists education, skills and experience. A portfolio book has different formats in different cities so be sure to find out which formats are more popular in your area.

Whether you’re a designer or a model you need quality photographs to demonstrate your skills. It’s also apparent that your work should stand out from others’. If you are a model lingerie is not the only type of garments you can work with. If you want to walk runways and work for different designers and brands your portfolio should be rich and versatile. However, it should show off the different moods and characters of you not just clothes. 6 to 12 photos will suffice if you are only starting your modeling career.

Hiring professionals to help you build a great portfolio is vital. A good photographer and make up artist are a must for a great portfolio photo shoot. A designer should know  how to present his or her works. Choose a model that is both stunning and professional, make your garments fit her impeccably and tell her a bit about the concept behind your collection to let her catch that mood.

Each interview or cast call requires certain types of work showcased in your portfolio. If you are a designer who is looking for an internship or job you should show different works. The more techniques you know, the more kinds of lingerie your make the better. If you are a model who wants to land a swimsuit ad campaign then upgrading your portfolio with more swimsuit photos seems logical.


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