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Lingerie for Your Body Shape: Pear

Category: Lingerie tips December 20th, 2010
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Lingerie for Your Body Shape: Pear

Pear body shape is characterized by the smaller upper body part, which includes shoulders and bust and bigger lower body part, which usually includes wide hips and full butt. The silhouette that we get from the picture reminds of pear, doesn’t it? The sizes in the upper and lower body parts are different. But there are some tricks you can learn to make your body shape more balanced.

To flatter your silhouette opt for wear with shoulder pads, puffy and ruffled shoulders, and avoid halterneck and plunging necks. Use padded bra to make your bust appear bigger. If you have a big bust with a pear-shaped body lift them up a bit as this will create the thinner waistline and will make your body more proportionate.

Lingerie for Your Body Shape: Pear

Look for ruffled and embellished bra straps as they will add volume to your upper part. Choose bustiers and basques with wide and decorated straps. If you like corsets make sure they add volume to your bust. Choose busy prints and bras and tops with horizontal straps while opting dark solid colors for your bottom. Thus you’ll be able to balance out your figure.

Avoid embellishments at the hip line like side bows and lacing. Opt for tiny low rise briefs with high cut sides. The high cut sides will elongate your legs, while the low rise will balance your hips against shoulders. Avoid full-coverage briefs as they will make your lower part look bigger. Shapewear for your lower body part can also help balance your figure.



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    get a ring for nose and barbells for nipples *writes that on to do list

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    Very interesting, thank you for sharing!

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