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Lingerie for Small Bust

Category: Lingerie tips July 20th, 2011
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Lingerie for Small Bust

Small bust is an asset since small-busted ladies can usually boast a slim figure so adding a bit of volume to your bust line can accentuate your thin waist and trim physique. So why not use lingerie to boost your bust size? The right styles and designs can significantly enhance your bust and make your figure look more balanced.

Padded/Push up Bra

Padded or push up bra can add volume and lift to your bust. Sometimes these both features come in one bra. Padded bra can give you a boost up to two or even three sizes, though be careful to choose the one that looks more natural. The push up bra can give your bust a lift and sometimes even add some volume to it.

Lingerie for Small Bust

Padded Babydolls

Opt for babydolls that have padded cups so you could accentuate and enhance your bust. Every other style of lingerie with padded cups will give you a desired effect of an enhanced bust. Avoid wearing push up styles on a daily basis though, because they are too restrictive.

Lingerie for Small Bust

Ruffles and Details

Lingerie with ruffled or richly decorated cups and bust line can add volume to the upper part of your body. Opt for lingerie with voluminous details like frills, layers, and embellishments at the cups and bust line as they will definitely add some volume to your bust visually enhancing it.

Corsets and Waist Cinchers

If you need to cinch your waist you can also make your bust look bigger by keeping the bust line voluminous while contrasting it with cinched waist and widening hip line. This when corsets, waspies and other waist cinchers come in handy. Again opt for pieces with richly embroidered cups, voluminous details, ruffles, layers and frills.

Small bust can be easily enhanced with help of right lingerie styles just know your body type to be able to balance out your figure and nicely accentuate your best sides.


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