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Lingerie for Everyday Wear

Category: Lingerie tips March 2nd, 2011
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Lingerie for Everyday Wear

Who doesn’t love sexy lingerie? But when it comes to everyday wear we all want something comfy that will breathe, fit us good and smooth and even probably give us a little smoothing effect, no? Besides our everyday underwear should be with a touch of sex appeal and low-maintenance in terms of care. Tough task but choosing sexy, comfy and flattering everyday lingerie is a must for any girl.

In order to make it simple for you we wrote some tips below and want you to follow them when choosing lingerie for everyday wear.


Lingerie for Everyday Wear

Comfort depends on fabric and design. Choose natural fabrics for everyday wear. They are breathable, pleasant to the touch and won’t give you a rash. Cotton is the most popular in this category. Victoria’s Secret has a separate Cotton Lingerie range from which you can choose undies in any color, print, or style.


Lingerie for Everyday Wear

Everyday lingerie has to fit you perfectly not to clam or ride up. It should be of right size and have flattering design. Measure your bust once in six months to choose the right size bra. As for panties you can measure your waist or hips to determine your panty size depending on which styles you wear.

It is important that your underwear fit well under the clothes you wear. So it is better to opt for seamless lingerie if you have to wear suits and pencil skirts. Thin fabrics let the panty lines just pop up so it is important to always have a pair of seamless panties.

The design of everyday lingerie should be simple not to create bulges under the clothes. It can have some subtle lace paneling or trimming, even minuscule satin bows but the more detailing there is the more unflattering it will seem under the clothes.


Lingerie for Everyday Wear

Choose lingerie that is easy in terms of care. The one you can put in your lingerie bag into washing machine and wash on delicate cycle, let it air dry and voila wear it again. Hanky Panky and Bodas make great everyday lingerie of various styles and designs.


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