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Lingerie for Big Bust

Category: Lingerie tips July 12th, 2011
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Lingerie for Big Bust

Many might be telling you that you were blessed with an ample bosom but you might not agree with them. Well, here are some advices, tips and pointers on how to make your lingerie shopping easier. Many lingerie brands have figured that the lingerie for bigger bust is a great market niche that is still to be filled. You can find plenty of every day as well as dressy lingerie pieces from bras to corsets for a big bust in various styles and designs.

First of all, no matter the size, your bust needs support and ideal fit. So get fitted yourself using our guide or get fitted by the experts in the lingerie store during your next visit. If bra doesn’t fit you well it will pinch, dig in your skin and create problems making you feel uncomfortable. How to know that your bra doesn’t fit you.

If your bust doesn’t create much trouble for you choose whatever lingerie you like accentuating your curves and focusing attention on those parts of your body you like. Otherwise minimize bras are great for official occasions when you need to downsize your curves. However, you should replace those with balcony and full-support styles for every day wear since minimizer bras are said to be rather restricting which can cause problems with blood flow.

Lingerie for Big Bust

You can find beautiful balcony and full-support bras at CurvyKate, Cacique, Freya, Panache lingerie brands, Fantasie. Bra Stop is a great store that specializes on selling bras for big-busted women from many of the named brands and many more. There’s also plenty of other lingerie items.

In order to balance out your figure keep your upper part sleek and dark. Opt for deep hues in bras and tops, and keep all decorations for the lower part. Ruches, ruffles, drapes and volumionous bows will add more size to your bust. If you don’t want that keep your tops sleek.

Empire-waist is great at accentuating the bust line, but if you need to rather accentuate your hips then go with chemises with ruffled hems that start at the hip line. Thus you will add volume to that area and balance out your figure. If you don’t want your bust look bigger void complex prints at the bust line, and also avoid tiny decorations that strongly contrast with your bust size. To elongate your torso and accentuate the waist opt for long tees and low-rise pants or shorts.


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