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Lingerie accessories

Category: Lingerie tips January 6th, 2011
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There are some lingerie accessories that can spice up your look and add savor to your nights. Some of them are small and nice, others are naughty. Most stores provide lingerie accessories as well so you won’t have trouble finding them. The only matter is how to wear them.


Lingerie accessories

Want to be mysterious? Lacy or latex mask will add mystery to your look.


Lingerie accessories

Gloves add dramatic touch to your outfit. Luxurious lingerie completed with lace finger or satin opera gloves will look amazing.


Lingerie accessories

Cuffs can be of different styles, from silky laced-up to pearly or jeweled. Those are merely decorative but can also add spice to your look.

Cheeky stockings

Lingerie accessories

Latex stocking or ones with cheeky phrases written on them can also become a great seduction tool. Agent Provocateur has a great collection of those.

Flirty sheer skirts

Lingerie accessories

It’s a skirt, but it’s sheer. Unwearable in public but adds a layer of mystery in the bedroom. Skirted lingerie is also flirty especially if made in lace.


Lingerie accessories

For those who love S&M style or simply interested in lingerie accessories with an edge, choker is a great addition to the lingerie outfit. Beside leather and latex, chokers can be jeweled, satin, floral, or bearing some bejeweled words as ‘sexy’ or ‘mistress’.



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