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Learn to highlight and cover up!

Category: Lingerie tips November 6th, 2009
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Nobody’s perfect but everybody’s beautiful, and lingerie is something that can help you stress your most beautiful and sexy areas and hide those that you consider to be less flattering.

All you gotta do is to learn how to highlight and cover up when necessary. Check out easy tips to follow to look gorgeous every day!

Before you start choose which area is most in need of highlighting or cover-up.

Small Breasts

– If you’re small-busted you’d better go for lingerie with ruffles, lace and non-sheer fabrics to visually create the bust;

– Wear push-up bras with padded cups, teddies, triangle-shaped bras that tie or hook behind the neck or babydolls to create an illusion of curves;

– Try high-cut panties to distract attention from the breast area.

– If you’re small-busted and slim go for garters to emphasize your waist and draw more attention to it rather than breasts.


Large Breasts

– Go for such materials as Spandex and Lycra that stretch and flatten your breasts;

– Use under-wired garments or triangle-shaped bras for additional support.


– Look for loose-fitting styles like camisoles and babydolls that don’t hug your body in the waist;

– You can try a corset to make your belly look flatter and generally slim down you look;

– Use fancy thongs, panties, or cleavage-enhancing and highlighting bras to focus attention on more attractive areas.

Large Bottom/ Hips

– A long loose nightie could help;

– Darker shades on the bottom and lighter shades on top can help balance hip and shoulder width.

– Go for uderwire and push-ups;

– Go for high-cut panties to make your hips look slimmer and legs longer.

You may also consider:

Choosing lingerie according to body shape;

Choosing the right panties for your body.


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    Thanks for your support, i need some time to think about this. I should just give up and take lessons from you

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    good content thank . webmaster

  3. Heather Says:

    I really enjoyed your article on how to pick flattering lingerie for any body type. It’s nice to know that there are lingerie styles out there for those of us who don’t have the perfect “hourglass” figure.

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