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Israeli plastic surgeon created an internal bra

Category: Lingerie tips November 24th, 2009
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According to leading Israeli plastic surgeon Eyal Gur, now women can finally forget about sagging breasts and wearing a bra. He’s created a Cup & Up internal bra that’s aimed at giving lift and support to sagging breasts and let women walk as braless as it’s possible.

In our opinion, the internal bra operation looks a lot like common breast lift surgery with that only difference that this new generation bra consists of silicone cups similar to those used in traditional uplift bras and straps made from a strong material that are attached to the ribs between the breast and the shoulder with a pair of titanium screws.

The operation is said to take no more than 40 minutes with a woman being able to get back to work after a two days’ rest.

This might not quite be the end of normal the bra, but we’ve shown that with a very small operation that it’s possible to give a woman an internal bra that she can have for the rest of her life,” managing director of the company that’s developing the bra, said.

Learn more about the internal bra here and tell us what you think about this new bra idea.

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