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How To Wear Summer Shapewear: Triumph Spring/Summer 2012

Category: Lingerie tips August 25th, 2011
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How To Wear Summer Shapewear: Triumph Spring/Summer 2012

Summer is nearing the end but we already have some sneak peeks and previews of what’s to come in Spring/Summer 2012 and hey, in some climates it’s always summer, in others’ the warm weather will linger through September so why not to look into some new stuff and figure out how to wear it? Triumph has released some photos from their Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign so we get a chance to see some new lingerie and shapewear pieces. The model Alba Carillo looks stunning in some tight dresses, a white cupped teddy, and a set of shirt and cycling shorts.

But how to wear shapewear in hot weather when the garments are light and sleek? Here are some tips on how to wear summer shapewear:

Look For Something Breathable

Summer shapewear is lightweight and breathable. Breathability of garment is important as the summer weather can be quite hot and unforgiving and if the garment is lightweight it won’t be seen under the light summer clothes. Just be sure to choose shapewear that is close to your skin tone. Then you will be able to wear it under white clothes.

Go With Seamless

Again to look slim and light in summery clothes you need to opt for seamless shapewear that is both breathable and lightweight. It will go unnoticed under your clothes while slimming down your silhouette.

Garments with Built-in Bra For Summer

Opt for shapewear garments with a built-in bra in order to avoid layering of bra, shapewear and clothes as it can all look bulky together. Camis, tops with built-in bras and high-waist pants can be a great solution for summer wear.

Dress Wear

Light body-hugging dresses can give away everything you wear underneath with all the VPLs and such. Again lightweight and seamless shapewear garments can be quite helpful in both slimming you down while looking smooth. Consider control thong to wear under the dress. It will control your tummy but will prevent VPL.

If you spotted a shapewear dress that looks nothing like underwear you can easily don it just like that during summer. Why not? It can be quite tight and curve-defining but extremely sexy and beautiful. Some of these dresses look similar to a trendy bandage dress.


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