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How to wear fantasy lingerie

Category: Lingerie tips, Sexy costumes August 24th, 2010
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How to wear fantasy lingerie
Fantasy lingerie or as it is also called sexy costume is worn when you want to spice up your sexual life. Traditional sexy costumes are not your only option on today’s market. Now you can become anyone and fulfill almost any fantasy you want. However, in order to make the most of your sexy costume, you should know how to wear fantasy lingerie.

Fantasy. Decide which fantasy you and your partner would like to fulfill and then start seeking for a costume or fantasy lingerie. It should be comfortable and you both should enjoy it. Otherwise look for alternatives. Today you may become anyone, not only a nurse, French-maid or a teacher but also a favorite female comics hero like a catwoman, Disney princess, cowgirl, vampire, cheerleader, and other.

Atmosphere. Create an atmosphere that will suit your sexy costume like a music from cartoon if you play a Disney princess. Lit the incense if you play a belly dancer. Do your hair or wear a wig that will resemble your heroine, do makeup if its needed.

Props. As usually the fantasy lingerie comes with the props to help you get into your role use these in a sexy way. You can gently spank your partner with your ruler if you are playing a teacher or put the handcuffs on if you are a policewoman.

Shoes. Shoes are an important part of the sexy costume and can add up some savour. Choose something extravagant that will match your sexy costume.

Remember that you should stay in the role to fulfill the fantasy. Try to get into your role and have fun playing it.


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