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How to visually reduce wide hips

Category: Lingerie tips August 17th, 2010
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How to visually reduce wide hips

Yet another trick from highlight and cover up topic. Wide curvy hips are feminine, sexy and always in. You can highlight them with any adornments on your lingerie around the hip line you can only find. These can be ruffles around the hips in a babydoll or briefs with ruffles to flatter your bottom. However, some women may feel their wide hips need less attention and would like to visually reduce them. Well, our tips on how to visually reduce wide hips is for them.

Choose lingerie that has no embellishment at the hip line but rather has those in the bust line. This will draw attention to the upper part of your body and will flatter your bust if it is small. Choose ruffled bras and match them with dark bikini thongs. Avoid boyshorts and very high cut bottom garments. You might want to opt for longer babydolls as they will hide your wide hips.

Keep your bottom undergarments as plain as possible to visually reduce wide hips. Accessorize your upper body with jewelry as that can work well too for drawing attention away from wide hips. Choose panties of dark solid colors. Matching the dark panties with light tops or vests will balance out your figure and visually reduce your wide hips.

Patterns, stripes, light colors and embellishment will emphasize and draw attention to wide hips. Interesting shoes can also shift the focus from wide hips as well as hairdos, makeup and accessories, but do not overdo it. Learn to balance out your figure with a simple rule – rich bright upper part, dark plain bottom part.


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One Response to “How to visually reduce wide hips”
  1. snappy Says:

    In my humble opinion, curvy women with wide hips should be accentuated, not hidden.

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