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How to visually enhance small breasts

Category: Lingerie tips August 10th, 2010
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How to visually enhance small breasts

Big and full breasts are considered as a token of femininity and sexual appeal. Thus many of those women who have small breasts feel inferior or less confident than those who have large breasts. There are many ways of how to visually enhance small breasts without any radical changes such as plastic surgery. From special foods and exercises that help breast muscles stay in tone to bra types and clothing color – all may play a part in enhancing small breasts.

Choose a right size bra. The first thing to do is to find a right size bra. Why? Because the bra has to fit perfectly to provide necessary support the breasts and make them look good and be comfortable. Learn how to determine your bra size here.

How to visually enhance small breasts

Pushup Bra. A pushup bra visually enhances the chest and forms a cleavage. Thus your breasts appear to be bigger. Pushup bras push the breasts together and lift them up which creates a visual illusion of larger breasts.

Pushups can be padded to enhance the breast size. They can also have the inserts filled with water or under wires for a more natural shape and look. The inserts can also be filled with gel, air, foam or silicone. Silicone inserts look best of all as they are worn on the outside of the bra. The pushup bra has to tighten the breasts but it should not sit too tight and cause discomfort.

How to visually enhance small breasts

Padded Bra. The padded bras due to the padding in the lining visually enhance small breasts but unlike the pushup bras do not significantly lift them.

Also opt for bras with thin spaghetti straps they will contrast with the breast size. Shiny silky material also works well for small breasts. Black, red, deep purple, chocolate brown colors are almost classic for sexy lingerie so opt for them, though carefully since the darker tones tend to deemphasize the size.

Open shelf or cupless bra. The cupless bra is specially designed to provide a good support but has no cups or has a small line of fabric just below the nipples. It fits great for breast enhancement as it lifts breasts and draws attention to them and the cleavage.

How to visually enhance small breasts

Choosing lingerie for small breasts. Another approach to choosing lingerie aside from pushup and padded bras is to look for babydolls or tops embroidered with ruches, lace, glitter or other things around the bust line as they visually enhance small breasts. Or you can also choose babydolls with a built-in pushup or padded bra. One more way is to show off your bottom or legs or use garters and stockings if you are slim to draw attention from your breast size.

How to visually enhance small breasts

You can also opt for an under bust corset or a waist cincher in a combination with a pushup bra or a bra with ruches as the corset itself has a pushing effect. This will make your chest appear wider and visually enhance your breasts due to the pushup bra effect. You can also combine a dark corset with a lighter bra which can also make your breasts look bigger.

The over bust corset is a special occasion item but if you have a passion for that opt for those which have rich embroidery in the bust line, again ruches and bows will do. Plus due to the hour-glass shape that the corset provides, your waist will become thinner while the chest wider and bigger. Do not wear tops or babydolls that have a high bust line as it draws attention to the breast size.

Posture. In order to be beautiful and healthy you have to have a right posture. Hold your back straight as it is not only visually lifts up your breasts and enhances them, but it is also simply beautiful. Incorrect posture can bring back aches and other back problems.

Color tricks. These may not very well work with lingerie, but you can use them to choose clothes. Opt for light colors for bust line and dark ones for lower part of the body. Thin horizontal stripes also enhance your chest and combined with the dark bottom will deemphasize the wide hips.

Makeup. Applying some make up to your chest can also visually enhance the small breasts. The first technique is to apply shimmery light powder to the upper part of your chest and highlight the area between your breasts with a darker powder. Apply as an eye makeup thoroughly blending in the two tones.

The second technique is completely the opposite. Use the darker tone on the upper part and the lighter one in between the breasts. Which one of these techniques suits you better can decide only an experiment.

Accessories. Accessories and small details can visually enhance small breasts accentuating the cleavage. Opt for the thin chains and small pendants as the delicate designs greatly contrast with the breast size.

Now let’s summarize all the things that help us visually enhance small breasts: special bras, ruches, lace, glitter, bows, under bust corsets, garters and stockings, light colors, thin horizontal stripes, good posture, special makeup and accessories. The things to avoid having the small breasts are the high bust line tops, tight clothes, loose clothes; breasts “disappear” in it.


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