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How to Rock Mismatched Lingerie Set

Category: Lingerie tips February 17th, 2011
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How to Rock Mismatched Lingerie Set

Wearing a mismatched lingerie set may be considered as bad taste but Some of such outfits can be very fun, sexy and stylish. Mismatched bra and pants are popular in bikini so why not incorporate that into your lingerie outfits. Make it tasteful, mix and match contrasting colors and create whole new looks for your bedroom.

First of all, look for similar textures and complimenting fabrics in your bras and briefs. Then choose the contrasting colors that will go well together. Pink and white look nice together, don’t forget about lingerie accessories as stockings and garter belts to make your look more complex and outfit-like.

I liked the way Minka Kelly rocked a mismatched lingerie set for her latest GQ photo shoot. The white bra and garter belt contrasted well with pink brief and shimmery stockings. You can use the same principle when assembling a lingerie outfit that you use when assembling your daily outfit. The colors, textures and accessories should match and contrast to look good.

How to Rock Mismatched Lingerie Set

Matching stockings to your lingerie outfit is not always a good idea as a contrasting color can add more style and edge to the look. For instance try wearing a scarlet red lingerie set with a pair of nude stockings with a seam. Garter belt or gloves can also be of a different color. Pick a color from a print in your top and match it with the panty in that color just like they do with the swimsuits.

How to Rock Mismatched Lingerie Set

It’s not only about the conventional bra-panty set but also about tanks and mismatched briefs, corsets and knickers. If the top is heavily decorated keep the bottom simple in a contrasting color. It is usually a case with the corsets as the tend to have a richly embellished bust line. In this case opt for panty in some daring or calmer color made of some luscious fabric if the corset is richly detailed. If not opt for simpler pants. Be sure the textures of fabrics in tops and bottoms compliment each other.

The mismatched lingerie set can also help accentuate or toned down some of your assets or flaws. Heavy bottom can be reduced with small dark-colored brief while the tiny bust can be enhanced with light-colored tops and bras. If your stockings need to be black throw a splash of color to the top of your mismatched lingerie set as bra or cape.


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