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How to Organize Lingerie Drawer

Category: Lingerie tips August 6th, 2011
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How to Organize Lingerie Drawer

Proper storage is important for keeping lingerie in good condition for a long time. If you find your lingerie drawer in a mess regularly then it’s time to properly organize it. There are now many tools of organizing available to make any drawer look neat and always keep things in order.

Drawer Dividers

How to Organize Lingerie Drawer

There are special lingerie drawer dividers that are inserted into a drawer to create different compartments for storing bras and panties. Each item is folded carefully to fit the compartment and is kept like that till use. Every new piece of lingerie goes to one of the compartments created by drawer divider and you never see your drawer in a mess again.

Bra Smart

How to Organize Lingerie Drawer

Bra Smart is a bra dryer, hanger and a board that can be used in the lingerie drawer for a proper bra storage. Since the Bra Smart is molded as the bra, it allows to store bras in their original form preventing them from deforming and tangling.

Bra Storage Boxes

How to Organize Lingerie Drawer

Bra storage boxes are made of hard plastic to keep bras from deformation. The bras are folded to retain their for and placed in order in the storage box. It is quite convenient to store bras in the box as they allow to prevent mess, tangling and keep the bras in their shape.

How to Upgrade Your Lingerie Drawer

How to Organize Lingerie Drawer

You can upgrade your lingerie drawer for better organization with handmade drawer dividers from firm cardboard. You can use old cereal boxes or any other cardboard boxes. Measure the drawer height and width in order to know what dimensions your future drawer dividers need to be. Cut strips from the cardboard and make slits in them to form compartments. Arrange compartments by size in order to fit panties into smaller ones and bras into bigger ones.

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    Such great organizational tips! Thank you!! Fabulous!

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