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How to Open Lingerie Shop

Category: Lingerie tips August 9th, 2011
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How to Open Lingerie Shop

Whether you are a lingerie designer or just a lingerie lover you can own a lingerie shop and not only make profit from it but also fulfill your design career. While of course, it’s hard to both run a shop and design but you could develop your own ideas while having hired designers build prototypes and manufacturers produce them into your own lingerie. This is especially handy if you don’t have designing skills yourself but you can see a final product and know how to market it. No matter the skills opening a lingerie shop is firstly a business venture so keep your eyes on the business aspects.


Plan your budget. Will you buy or rent the premise for the shop? Where and what kind of lingerie will you buy for retail? How many additional workers, if any, will you hire? So briefly speaking, plan all the lingerie shop expenses that you will have to cover.

Business Plan

Any business venture requires a solid plan. Figuring out your target customer group will help define the type of lingerie your store will offer. For this you have to research the market and try to find yourself a niche as well as look into the assortment of stores located in the same location as your lingerie shop. Think of the things that will make your lingerie shop stand out from all others.

For Starters

Have all the information about the industry and business you are getting into. Have an idea of what will make your lingerie shop special. It’s also important to have a list of wholesalers, from which you will buy lingerie. Think of the perfect locations for your store and look into buildings and premises for rent there. The location should be quite busy and yet dispose to a shopping spree.

Have a good quality product that sells well. For that you can buy samples of various lingerie and see which of them sells better. Also have and consider your customers’ feedback on assortment, pricing and discount system. Try to create an inviting and warm atmosphere in your store where women and men feel nice and comfortable shopping for their undergarments.


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