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How to make the most of lingerie

Category: Lingerie tips November 2nd, 2009
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Being well-dressed is great but being able to take off everything beautifully is a skill that needs some practice. And if you have something really amazing underneath the whole world will be in your hands. Remember: no one has ‘lucky’ panties. You just need to know how to choose perfect ones and wearing them with dignity make the night fantastic.

black sexy lingerie

How to choose color and detailing
Just last year all designers were unanimous that red and black are the perfect colors for lingerie and they and only they were sexy. Now everything has changed. There is such a variety of tones that you can choose whatever looks great for you. And it’s really difficult to say which colors are the best.

And now there are some tips:

– There are no unsexy colors or sexy ones. Everything depends on the person. So, don’t be afraid of experiments.

– Be careful with red. Dark shade close to burgundy will make you look older while scarlet can be vulgar.

– If you opt for neon green or yellow take into consideration the illumination in the room you meet your boyfriend in. If the light is bright you’ll look too flashy, but in case the light is subdued the lingerie will look fabulous.

– Ribbons and bows drive men mad – they have confessed in that millions of times. Of course, lingerie producers have taken this into an account and now make sets of this kind in every colletion.

          rosy lingerie

          – Choose for lingerie with transparent upper part. It can come with embroidery too. You’ll look almost nude but there will be something he’ll still want to look at.

          – If you like panties with funny inscriptions you might be both right or wrong if you choose these for a date. You can never say how he will react to your humoristic choice.

          – Men like watching girls’ bottoms, so feel free to dress in panties with zippers or cutouts on back part of panties.

                How to choose lingerie for your body shape
                Today stores offer us a huge variety of lingerie. Sometimes we just cannot choose something because there is too much of what to choose from.

                Speaking about men’s preferences we can say that they don’t care much which type of lingerie you wear unless it looks ugly. It means you can select not just sheer sets but ones with sexy polka dots or hearts, too.

                However, as we are all different there are designs that may look unsightly on some girls but perfect on others. So, read the following:

                – Thong looks terrible on a flat rear.

                – Boyshorts are ideal for thin girls. And if you choose a pair with frills on the bum it will look even fuller. But the full bottom will look bigger in boyshorts.

                – Women with a small bust look brilliant in push-up bras. And babydolls are nice for slim figures but they look unflattering on short and plump women.

                – Women with a full breast look terrific in corsets or balconette bras and lacy trimming will make the image quite unforgettable for the man.

                – Garters are attactive on everyone. If you haven’t tried those before it’s time you did that.

                          white lingerie

                          General rules for an intimate date are simple enough:

                          – Choose a set, not separates for a date. A set always look more harmonious.

                          – Lingerie shouldn’t be of smaller size. It looks bad when a girl has traces of straps on her shoulders. besides, you’ll feel uncomfortable.

                          – Any lingerie looks sexier on a tanned body and tan makes the body look slimmer. But be careful not to apply bronzers just before the date, they can have a bad smell.

                          – Think of appropriate footwear. Of course you‘ve seen pictures of models in lingerie. They all wear heels or nothing. No one wears slippers with seductive underwear. So, if you have no soft heeled shoes with little beautiful feathers try a pair of your favourite stilettoes.

                          – Stay away from lingerie with strasses and sequins. They look good but you can scratch yourself or the partner.

                          – The only thing you can wear beside the lingerie and shoes is perfume. No bracelets or chains are needed.

                          – Seamless and correction underwear is not a good option for an intimate date.


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