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How to Make Most of Bridal Lingerie

Category: Lingerie tips August 4th, 2011
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How to Make Most of Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is just an undergarment but it does make a difference. Whether you want a functional piece to control your curves and make you look flawless in a dress or all in one ensemble there are many ways of making the most of your bridal lingerie. Don’t get panicky when it comes to purchasing lingerie you will wear during the wedding and  on a wedding night. It can be sexy, functional and comfy as well. In order to make the most of your bridal lingerie keep some things in mind:


What functions do you want your bridal lingerie to have? Body shaping, seductive or simply comfortable? You can always have a second dressier or sassier ensemble for a wedding night and honeymoon. You can also find a lingerie set that will look be invisible underneath your wedding dress and will make you feel sexy and confident.

If you have a complex dress design that requires minimum fabrics underneath it opt for a sheer body with solid cups as it is slim, functional and sexy. If you want to use your bridal lingerie after the whole thing is over you can opt for a dressy sultry piece in any color or print you want and use it on wedding night or honeymoon as well as later. So it has to be something quiet practical yet sexy.

How to Make Most of Bridal Lingerie

Ideal Fit

If you haven’t done so for a long time or ever take time before wedding to get measured for an ideal fit for your bridal lingerie. You do want to look flawless on that day, don’t’ you? After that decide how many sets and what kind of sets and styles you need and only then start browsing, trying on and finally shopping.

Consider the style of your dress when buying lingerie. Slim thin dress requires smooth and light lingerie styles. Puffier and richly decorated dresses can withstand ornate lacy lingerie pieces. Try to shop for lingerie with your dress if you are not sure about the style you want to buy. Thus you can try on any design and see how it will look like.

After the Wedding

The wedding night has passed and so did honeymoon what to do with your bridal lingerie? Well, you can save it for special occasions, especially if it’s unconventional. You can also wear it as regular lingerie if it’s not too dressy and if you prefer luxury every day lingerie.


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